“Creativity is spirituality looking for a form. It is a quest of the human spirit to find somehow a way of flowing with the universal pulse that runs through all things……… The organization of a work of art should be such that it ties you to a sense of the eternal, ongoing rhythmic, pulsing process that is life itself.”

Sam Feinstein, a 216-page, full-color monograph introducing the art, life, philosophy, and teachings of the artist Samuel L. Feinstein (1915-2003), includes a DVD of the documentary, Hans Hofmann, filmed and produced by Feinstein and premiered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Purchase Book with DVD or only Hans Hofmann DVD.

A magnificent re-introduction to a talented artist whose significant legacy will now become known through this fine book.” – Magda Salvesen, co-editor of Artists’ Estates: Reputations in Trust

…clearly and elegantly written…
– Irving Sandler, art historian

I am totally in sympathy with the entire film… the great film about my scholarly and artistic activity.
– Hans Hofmann

Mr. Feinstein is a highly gifted artist with a pronounced standing of his own and with a deep understanding of the plastic problems in painting.
– Hans Hofmann, 1953