Rembrandt, Inspiration for Abstraction: The Art of Sam Feinstein

Thursday, September 22, 2005 7 pm

Lecture and Slide Presentation by Patricia Stark Feinstein.

Patricia Stark Feinstein, painter, teacher of art and art history for over 20 years, and co-teacher for 18 years with her husband Sam Feinstein of art workshops in Toronto, Canada. Currently Director of the Feinstein Project at CCMA, Ms. Stark Feinstein is working toward a retrospective of her late husband’s paintings to be held in 2008.

“Rembrandt is my hero” was a phrase often spoken by Sam Feinstein whose radiant, richly colored paintings appear to be abstract. While the outer look of paintings change, their inner spirit and the means by which this is conveyed have much in common. This slide talk explores the influence of Rembrandt on the work of NYC/Cape artist Sam Feinstein, whose painting “Summertime” was on display at CCMA during the past year.