Sam Feinstein
Scargo Pottery 1986


Photo by Sascha Feinstein

“Creativity is spirituality looking for a form.  It is a quest of the human spirit to find somehow a way of flowing with the universal pulse that runs through all things.”

These are the words of Sam Feinstein, artist and master-teacher featured in this film.  Feinstein discusses the nature of art, the logic of the visual language and, especially, the art of abstraction as he responds to questions posed to him in front of his paintings by fellow-artist, gallery-owner Harry Holl and film-producer Paul Fitzgerald.

Sam Feinstein and Harry Holl

Sam Feinstein’s 1986 exhibition at the Scargo Pottery Gallery in Dennis, MA, after years of urging by gallery-owner Harry Holl, was a much anticipated event.  Feinstein had shown his paintings extensively during the 1930s, 40s and 50s in New York, Philadelphia and Provincetown as his work evolved from realism to a depth-pervaded, radiant abstraction.  He was active in the “art world” as critic, juror, writer, lecturer and teacher, and made an historic film about Hans Hofmann that premiered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In 1960, Feinstein withdrew from exhibiting to concentrate solely on his painting and private teaching.  Here is Feinstein’s first show in 25 years, its setting in Harry Holl’s beautiful gallery and an interview with the artist about his work and philosophy of art.

Produced by Paul Fitzgerald   © 2008
Video by Jim Schermerhorn/Route 6A Productions
Editing by Paul Fitzgerald and Jim Schermerhorn
Music by Archie Shepp and William Ackerman